Frankie Linux Live OS Version 2012

Frankie Linux is a minimal but powerful distribution of Slackware GNU Linux. Frankie Linux is base on the technology from a famous compact distribution named CD-Linux. It is small in size, yet rich in features.

You can use Frankie Linux as your “Mobile/Pocket OS”. Install it onto a USB key, take it anywhere and turn any PC/Mac that supports booting from USB to your own workstation, with the same user interface. Just work anywhere like at home.


Frankie Internet Communicator

Frankie Internet Communicator is an application suite with browser, addressbook, mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, calendar and HTML composer features included.

This appication is base on the source of Mozilla Seamonkey Project and Sunbird Project. And many useful feature added to this application.Also by this, Frankie Internet Communicator can running on Frankie Linux, Microsoft Windows and other Linux distros.


Products for Microsoft® Windows™

E-Tech Studios also develop some general softwres like other software developers, these application will only run on Microsoft Windows.There are two application in this category now, they are ElementWEB Internet Suite and ElemetnMp3 Player.

Some of our main products will be cross-platform. So all of our main products will also run on Microsoft Windows.